Full project and technical support

The services and support programme for Verasis Risk, Verasis Trade Finance and Verasis Platform covers five key areas:

Client partnership

Business does not stand still, nor should the systems that support it. As businesses seek new ways to respond to rapidly changing environments, Verasis provides an essential partnership, bringing innovative and advanced systems to meet ever-changing needs and requirements.

Project management

This is an integral part of the product and system implementation process. Our role is to combine with and augment the client’s project team, to provide system, technical and subject matter expertise. We seek to help through the project lifecycle, from the validation of the business case through to stakeholder communication, target operating model definition, and the eventual handover to ‘business as usual’ status.


Close collaboration with business and IT specialists ensures the quality and durability of the system and application during the installation process. At this stage the system is fully customised to meet operational and policy requirements and any technical issues that might arise are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Implementation and training

Supervision of the implementation of the system ensures a smooth transition, up to and through the critical ‘go live’ period. This includes ensuring that it interfaces properly with existing systems. Comprehensive training programmes are provided, enabling those operating the system to gain a clear understanding of its scope and capabilities. This ensures that it rapidly realises its full potential.

Sales and technical support

Verasis offers a long-term solution, with a commitment to support all systems once they are installed and implemented. This ensures they always perform as specified and that they continue to meet immediate and evolving requirements. Technicians are always on-hand to provide diagnostic advice for any day-to-day operational issues that might arise, as well as full maintenance support and guidance.