Verasis Risk

An intuitive and fully-integrated risk and regulatory system

The 2007/2008 banking and financial crisis triggered fundamental market and regulatory changes. These have made risk management and regulatory compliance central to the viability, profitability and ultimate reputation of financial institutions.

They have also had a major impact on business processes, including:

  • Regulatory evolution, with changes to both the Basel Framework (CRD4 etc) and the Dodd-Frank Act
  • Increased ‘Capital’ benefits from having an Internal Model Approach for evaluating Expected and Unexpected market and credit exposure (VaR, EPE, CVA, Stress and Shock Testing)
  • Increased focus on ‘Credit-Mitigated’ trading processes: Central Clearing, Collateralised Trading Relationships (CSA), CDS, Netting Agreements etc. All creating a need for pricing and value funding, as well as market and credit at the trade origination
  • A greater focus on liquidity and requirements to model and stress both the systemic and idiosyncratic risk drivers of the business

Verasis Risk has been developed to enable banks, corporate and financial institutions not just to respond to these new demands, but to create business opportunities from them.

By offering state-of-the-art technology that has already been market proven as effective, reliable and affordable, it avoids the need to divert scarce financial and management resources. Or to create layered internal industries with cross reconciliation and bench marking.

Key Features of Verasis Risk

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