Verasis Risk Online

A new online service for smaller and mid-size enterprises

Initially developed for larger banks, corporate treasuries and financial institutions, Verasis Risk is now available as a simple-to-use web-based service. This gives smaller banks and treasuries access to levels of sophistication normally associated with their larger counterparts.

Simply, Verasis Risk Online offers smaller-enterprise treasury and risk managers a fast and cost effective means of gaining a full perspective of their market risk exposure, enabling them to reduce capital reserves and meet market risk regulatory requirements.

A powerful set of analytics

Backed by the successful Verasis Risk platform, Verasis Risk Online gives access to a powerful toolbox of analytics. This enables you to meet the market risk requirements of integrating Value-at-Risk, Market Data Stress and Sensitivity, and flexible Mark-to-Market valuations into your organisation’s daily risk management requirements. All of which ensures good practice within financial markets.

With Verasis Risk Online you can:
  • Gain a full perspective of your market risk exposure
  • Meet the market risk regulatory requirements of the FCA and the PRA
  • Meet the market risk and capital requirements of Basel and CRD4
  • Eliminate the investment and production cost of manually producing the required market risk reports

Using a simple web-based Excel upload of your own trade data, the service will generate complete cash flow profiles. You simply select your required analysis parameters, such as interest rate and foreign exchange shift profiles, confidence levels and history period. You will then be able to access instantly a variety of analyses by currency, portfolio and counterparty.

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Verasis Risk Online can be licensed on a monthly subscription basis and can be up and running in minutes. Once set up, it will soon be delivering genuine business benefits.

There are no set up issues either. This new service will not impact your existing in-house systems or IT infrastructure and it will have minimal reliance on your in-house IT team.

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