An advanced platform with specialist product applications

Verasis is a new generation of proprietary software systems developed specifically for the banking and finance sectors by Veratec Limited.

Verasis Risk is an intuitive and fully-integrated risk and regulatory system that offers state-of-the-art risk and compliance modelling.

Verasis Modules are an integral part of Verasis Risk, in that they offer a range of highly-flexible business and timing options.

Verasis Platform is an advanced architecture framework and a stand-alone system that readily enables the development, management and run-time of computer-based applications.

Verasis Risk Online is the latest version of Verasis, offering a simple-to-use, web-based service specifically for small to mid-size enterprises.

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An intuitive and fully-integrated risk and regulatory system

Verasis Risk enables you to optimise investment, while meeting and often exceeding strict regulatory requirements and exacting business protocols.

It facilitates fast and reliable reporting, enabling astute response strategies and better informed trading.

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Key features

  • A global view of financial risks affecting your enterprise
  • Reduced capital adequacy requirements
  • Increased risk analysis frequency, resulting in better-informed trading
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements, using approved procedures such as VaR and back-testing
  • Reduced daily workload due to automated report generation
  • Reduced IT overhead costs due to combined application and database servers
  • Single platform consistency, single cost, standardised methodology
  • Common technical environment (languages)
  • Common database engine
  • Common valuation engine
  • Common interface methodology
  • Common market data

Verasis Modules are an integral part of Verasis Risk. This highly-flexible modular system provides a range of options to suit functional business and timing requirements.

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A robust and modern platform for rapid software development

Developed by Veratec Limited, Verasis Platform is the proprietary framework for Verasis, a suite of products and systems designed specifically for the corporate, banking and finance sectors.

It facilitates the rapid development, management and run-time of computer-based applications.

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Key features

  • Modern standards and technology
  • Grid-based user interface
  • Client customisable
  • Intuitive system administration
  • No legacy system hangover
  • Seamless interaction between business/data layers
  • Messaging and communication protocol

A new online service for smaller and mid-size enterprises

Verasis Risk Online offers smaller enterprise treasury and risk managers a fast and cost-effective perspective of their market risk exposure by accessing levels of sophistication normally associated with their larger counterparts.

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Key features

  • Gain a full perspective of your market risk exposure
  • Meet the market risk regulatory requirements of the FCA and the PRA
  • Meet the market risk and capital requirements of Basel and CRD4
  • Eliminate the investment and production cost of manually producing the required market risk reports