Verasis Risk instantly accesses, retrieves and reports all critical trading data, in an easily usable format, bringing order and transparency to your financial transactions.


By utilising the same primary systems and processing across all data and business modules, Verasis Risk ensures balanced and dependable information retrieval and reporting.


With a single suite of interfaces, intuitive navigation, all within a fully-automated system, Verasis Risk effortlessly navigates you through prevailing market environments.


By automatically monitoring, managing and mitigating exposure, Verasis Risk ensures the effectiveness, efficiency and integrity of your
day-to-day financial trading.

Welcome to Verasis

Verasis Risk

For state-of-the-art risk and compliance modelling

Verasis Risk is an intuitive and fully-integrated risk and regulatory system. It eases the burden of regulation. It manages capital and liquidity issues. It provides a unique perspective on the unexpected, by modelling potential stresses and shocks, across the markets and across your business.

And it does all this automatically and in real time.

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Verasis Risk is an integrated, multi-discipline risk and regulatory system that covers all aspects of corporate treasury risk management.

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Verasis Risk is a state-of-the-art and flexible suite of risk management tools that provides a comprehensive market and credit risk solution for banks and financial institutions.

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Verasis Risk Online

An online risk analytics service

Verasis Risk Online has been developed specifically for mid-size treasury units. It is an online service using the same powerful Verasis Risk platform previously only available to larger organisations.

The service uses industry-standard market data. You simply upload your own trade data to gain access to a variety of analytics, including:

  • Flexible Mark-to-Market valuations
  • Value-at-Risk
  • Market Data Stress and Sensitivity analysis

This customised service can be licensed on a monthly subscription basis and can be up and running in minutes with no internal set up issues to worry about.

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Multiple finance risk and regulatory issues?

Verasis brings you the ultimate single-system solution

Counterparty Credit Risk

Verasis Risk allows you to manage the complex relationships between counterparty exposures and all other risk factors.

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Verasis Risk offers financial institutions and corporate treasury operations a clear and effective solution to their CVA and DVA requirements.

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Multiple Pricing Curves

The Verasis engine valuation and risk-discipline modules give you total flexibility, both in the definition and use of yield curves.

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